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    Will This Monster Replace the Iconic Black Hawk Helicopter? (VIDEO)


    The U.S. military is looking to replace the Black Hawk helicopter, and one of the contenders set to take its place is a monster machine.

    Bell Helicopters flew a prototype of the V-280 Valor for the first time last month, bringing the company closer to the creation of a new military aircraft.

    The helicopter, which is being designed for agility, speed, range and payload capacity, uses new tilt-rotor technology that allows it to fly farther and faster than conventional helicopters used by the military.

    The V-280 also integrates vertical flight innovations that the Army has been looking into, which will shape the design of future helicopter fleets expected to hit the skies sometime around 2030.

    The new helicopters are slightly larger than the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters. They can carry a crew of four and up to 14 passengers. In comparison, the Black Hawk can hold a crew of four and transport 11 passengers. – READ MORE

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