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Will Curt Schilling Miss The Hall of Fame Because He’s Conservative?


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Schilling won 216 games in his career, not the 300 that almost automatically qualifies for entry to Cooperstown, but his sparkling strikeout-to-walk ratio (best of all time) and his incredible recordin post-season games, including his legendary courageous performance pitching on an ankle that was sutured in a way never done before, leaving him pitching as his sock (once lent to the Hall of Fame) grew bloody, should have been enough to get the job done.

But Schilling’s outspoken conservative views, which seemingly were a key factor in his firing by ESPN, have keyed a response to his election to the Hall that seems genuinely hostile. The votes must be cast by December 31. A chief factor for some of the journalists who will vote on a candidate’s eligibility was Schilling’s poorly-thought out tweet in response to an incendiary photo. The photo showed a man wearing a T-shirt reading, “Rope. Tree. Journalist. No assembly required.” Schilling captioned the photo, “So much awesome here.” – READ MORE

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