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Wikileaks: Podesta Nixed Talking Point That ‘Countering Iran and Defeating ISIS Are Not Distinct Missions’


An email released by the organization Wikileaks Monday reveals that Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta requested Hillary Clinton remove a line from her 2015 speech to the Brookings Institute’s Saban Forum referring to the fights against the Islamic State and the government of Iran as “intimately related.”

In a December 4, 2015 email, two days before the event, Clinton campaign speechwriting director Dan Schwerin emailed Podesta a copy of Clinton’s speech to the forum. Among a number of comments, Podesta replied in response to the sentence “Countering Iran and defeating ISIS are not distinct missions–they are intimately related.”

“I think the sentence… is intellectually flabby and can get us in more trouble than it’s worth,” Podesta advised. “Saying that we have to deal with both problems simultaneously is not the same as implying that both need resolution or neither can be solved.” – READ MORE

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