WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange: Sweden Reopens Rape Case, U.S. Preps for Extradition Proceedings


At the request of the alleged victim’s attorney, Swedish prosecutors said on Monday they will reopen a rape case against Julian Assange, the Australian-born founder of WikiLeaks.

The action comes a month after Assange was evicted from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he had been holed up.

Eva-Marie Persson, Sweden’s deputy director of public prosecutions, announced the news at a press conference in Stockholm, as multiple outlets reported.

“There is still a probable cause to suspect that Assange committed a rape,” she said.

“Now that he has left Ecuador’s embassy, the conditions in the case have changed and … the conditions are in place once again to pursue the case,” she added.

The United States has also begun extradition proceedings for his alleged role in leaking diplomatic and military secrets in 2010. – READ MORE

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