Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Just Sent Key Signal; Pay Back Likely Brewing Against Hillary Clinton


She plotted to kill him with a military drone strike. Now he could be prepping a hefty and vicious dose of pay back.

The last time Julian Assange acted like this it spelled disaster for Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations after Wikileaks released thousands of John Podesta’s compromising private emails.

That document dump changed an election. Assange’s next release could change history. Again.

Assange again, on Sunday night as he has often done before, telegraphed another release by publishing a “dead man’s switch” code, signaling yet another dastardly Wikileaks document dump is likely around the corner.

And this time, according to several sources, the documents likely focus on Clinton directly and her tenure as secretary of state instead of simply focusing on an associate like Podesta.

Remember, there is little love lost between Assange and Clinton, as True Pundit has previously reported — without denial from Clinton — that she once plotted to kill Assange with a military drone while she was running the State Department and he was walking free in Europe.

This story is developing. We will follow this story, especially after midnight EST.



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