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WikiLeaks Email Reveals Clinton’s Machiavellian Ascent Began in 2013


In a recently released email by WikiLeaks from Clinton campaign Chair John Podesta’s email account, Podesta, Clinton aide Cheryl Mills, and political strategist David Plouffe share a document entitled “Road Map Outline,” outlining strategies to consider in developing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The email illuminates how early Clinton began the foundation for her inevitable rise to the top of the Democratic Party.

Pro-Clinton pundits and supporters first dismissed the WikiLeaks releases as fake, then amended their arguments to downplay the revelations as just politics. The manner in which Clinton consolidated political power in the Democratic Party and elite circles throughout the country was carefully calculated and downright Machiavellian. All in all, it was a stark contrast to the totalitarianism a democracy is supposed to protect against. – READ MORE

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