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Wikileaks: Clinton Ally Lays Out How To Get NYT To Cover Hillary More Favorably


A confidant of Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta laid out in an email how to get The New York Times to change how the paper covered the former secretary of state, according to leaked emails.

Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden told Podesta how former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg met with Arthur Sulzberger, NYT’s publisher, to get the paper to cover him more favorably.

Tanden told Podesta that “when bloomberg was having problems w the times he called Arthur Schulzburger and asked for coffee.” The July 9, 2015 email was one of more than 33,000 published online by WikiLeaks from Podesta’ hacked Gmail account.

“He made the case that they were treating him like a billionaire dilettante instead of Third term mayor,” Tanden wrote. “It changed the coverage moderately but also aired the issues in the newsroom so people were more conscious of it.”

“But Arthur is a pretty big wuss so he’s not going to do a lot more than that,” Tanden wrote. “Hillary would have to be the one to call.” – READ MORE

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