Wikileaks Claims Coinbase Has Shut Down Its Online Store’s Bitcoin Account


Wikileaks’ official online merchandise store claims that its account with Coinbase has been suspended by the cryptocurrency exchange. Wikileaks, a leaked documents depository that was central to a long string of international scandals even before the 2016 presidential election, is now calling for a boycott of Coinbase.

The announcement, which has not been confirmed by Coinbase, has roiled the Bitcoin community, highlighting certain inevitable tensions as cryptocurrency becomes increasingly mainstream. In a note posted to Twitter which the Wikileaks Shop claims to have received from Coinbase, the exchange appears to cite U.S. government financial regulations as one reason for the suspension. There’s no indication, though, specifically how Wikileaks allegedly violated those rules.

Bitcoin, of course, has gained popularity in part because it can be used to circumvent existing financial regulations and systems, including banks. In fact, as veteran cryptocurrency commentator Andreas Antonopoulos pointed out on Twitter, many politically engaged users were first attracted to Bitcoin as a way to donate to WikiLeaks after it was cut off by more traditional financial services in 2010. – READ MORE

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