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Why The New York Times’s Resolution For More Accurate Reporting Is Doomed


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Meet the New Reporting, Same as the Old Reporting

The problem with these mea culpas and modified, limited hang-outs is that anyone familiar with the history of The New York Times has seen this movie before. Baquet may think putting people out on the road is the answer, but the paper has been there and done that in 2004. David Kirkpatrick spent a year in the field, covering mostly the socially conservative tribes of Jesusland. Yet here is the NYT, right back where it started.

The pre-election lack of balance Spayd identified continues in the paper’s current coverage. The NYT has visited flyover country from time to time after the election and occasionally included comments from Trump supporters in other pieces. But as before, such stories are drowned about by the flood tide of Times coverage serving progressives’ parochial appetites.

For example, consider “Both Feeling Threatened, American Muslims and Jews Join Hands,” which was published on page A19, but promoted with a large photo on page one of the National and New York editions of the paper. – READ MORE

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