Why Hasn’t A Single Democrat Looked At The 99.9% Unredacted Mueller Report Provided To Congress?


If there’s one thing that suggests Congressional Democrats are not acting in good faith amid their new obstruction crusade, it’s this; 

House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY) held Attorney General William Barr in contempt on Wednesday for failing to turn over the full Mueller report and its underlying evidence – yet not a single Democrat in Congress has elected to look at the 99.9% unredacted ‘volume 2’ section of the Mueller’s findings provided to Congress by the DOJ, which specifically covers the obstruction portion of Mueller’s investigation (Section “A” of the report covering alleged conspiracy with Russia was offered 98.5% unredacted).

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters “Not a single Democrat has even taken the time to go and look at it,” adding “They’re asking for information they know they can’t have. The attorney general is actually upholding the law,” referring to a recent ruling by a federal judge which requires that Barr redact grand jury material. 

Chairman Nadler is asking the attorney general of the United States to break the law and commit a crime by releasing information that he knows he has no legal authority to have,” added Sanders, referring to House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY). “It’s truly outrageous and absurd what the chairman is doing and he should be embarrassed by his behavior.” – READ MORE

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