Why Democrats Are Terrified of ‘Woke Kanye’


Still, the image of someone like Kanye West wearing that iconic red hat encouraged conservatives just as much as it triggered liberals. At least it encouraged me. ‘Woke Kanye’ is way cooler than Taylor Swift and George Bush-bashing ‘SJW Kanye,’ by a yuge margin. Could this be the long-hoped-for crack in the armor of the black Democratic voting bloc? Could Kanye West, simply by his acknowledgment if not his endorsement of “our” side, pave the way for conservatives to finally get past the noise and reach black people with a message that’s sure to help them far more than liberalism ever has?

Pro-Trump singer Joy Villa seems to think so. “West has shattered the stereotype and myth that ‘all Republicans are racist,’” Villa writes in a Fox News op-ed. “He has challenged the music industry’s identity politics. He’s a hero to free-minded individuals of all colors.”

Liberal outlet The Atlantic is certainly concerned. “Now, were [Kanye’s] tweets to go ignored in the press they, indeed, would hold less power,” writes Spencer Kornhaber. “But they do hold power, already … ‘I love the way Candace Owens thinks,’ has likely already sent a lot of his followers, many young and impressionable, to the conservative pundit’s YouTube channel where she rails against the ‘losers’ in Black Lives Matter. It’s not unreasonable to think that his tweet may well have a measurable effect on this country’s politics.”

For a group that hasn’t voted GOP by any margin over 15 percent since Jackie Robinson campaigned for Richard Nixon in 1960, any “measurable effect” at all could be disastrous to a party all out of ideas yet hellbent on keeping all hands inside that ‘Democratic plantation.’  – READ MORE

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