Why are so many Democratic operatives cynical, soulless hacks?


There are many things the party must do to rebuild. Here’s one more to add to the growing list: The Democrats need a better breed of operative.

Democratic hacks today have a poor understanding of how to think clearly about their party’s best interests. Too often, they confuse being monstrous with political savvy, and fail to see the harm their constant pursuit of big-dollar donors does to their political cause.

consider David Brock. A former rabidly anti-Clinton conservative attack dog, Brock has since seen the liberal light and founded Media Matters for America, a political nonprofit, as well as several political action committees. He is probably best known today for building a stable of writers whose slavish hero-worship of Hillary Clinton was matched only by their crazed hostility to Bernie Sanders. Now, much of Media Matters’ output is still worthwhile. But overall, Brock’s various institutions produce unusually cloddish center-left agitprop. – READ MORE

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