Why Are Conservative Men Excusing Creepy Uncle Joe and His Wandering Hands?


Pardon my shock, but the rush to excuse the sleazy and weird behavior by Joe Biden when it comes to women and girls by conservative icons is leaving a very bad taste in my mouth. Not only did Tucker Carlson apologize for being hard on Biden and his greedy lips that are drawn to women of all ages without consent, but Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire also believes this creeping female groper is getting a bad rap. Tucker Carlson said, “Hugging is not sexual assault. Eskimo kisses are not rape.” Matt Walsh also tweeted out the false premise that people are calling what Biden does as “sexual assault.”


Who the heck said they were? What did happen is that women who’ve been caught in Biden’s sticky grasp have said it made them uncomfortable. Anyone who argues that it isn’t weird or uncomfortable should be forced to “Eskimo kiss” Joe Biden for fifteen seconds. It made me uncomfortable and I was only watching it on video! In most of the videos of him behaving this way, the little girls and women  — including Hillary Clinton herself — try to pull away from him. That body language speaks volumes. No one likes it or invites it.

The only reason these guys are taking this stance is because they are men and they don’t get it. I don’t pull the woman card very often (because I strongly support and defend men and maleness), but there are experiences women have that men can never understand, like childbirth and PMS. Being manhandled physically by powerful men is something men don’t face, or if they did, they’d probably respond with violence and end the situation. Women, on the other hand, are put in these positions regularly, and I can assure you, it’s extremely uncomfortable and wrong. – READ MORE

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