Why a Terrorist Attack Could Make Trump President


Let’s not beat around the bush. This is no ordinary election; it’s a battle for America. We have two very different presidential candidates that are selling two very different visions of the kind of America we had in the past, the kind of America we have right now, and the kind of America we should have in the future.

In the blue corner we have Hillary Clinton, who basically wants to continue on the path we have been on for the past eight years, while acknowledging that a lot remains to be done. And in the red corner we have Donald Trump, who argues we are very much on the wrong path and that Americans — well, a majority of Americans anyway — were better off in the 1950s, when American-made products still ruled the global economy and blue collar workers could be part of the middle class, when American military might was unrivaled, Mexicans lived in Mexico and Muslims lived, well, somewhere else. – READ MORE

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