Who will get Jeff Epstein’s hundreds of millions of dollars?


If Jeffrey Epstein actually had hundreds of millions of dollars at his disposal, the fight over who gets that money just got more complicated for his victims.

Epstein was found dead in his New York City jail cell early Saturday morning from an apparent suicide, a month after his arrest by the federal government on sex-trafficking charges. Epstein lived a lavish lifestyle with mansions in New York and Florida and a Caribbean island he owned. A recent filing in his criminal case suggested he is worth $559 million.

But the line to get that money could be very long. Even before he was charged in the most recent criminal case, Epstein had settled civil lawsuits with women who claim he had abused them, and was facing the prospect of more suits. Two of the lawyers who represent women who allege they were abused as girls by Epstein say they’d been allowing the criminal case to proceed before filing civil suits against Epstein.

Now that Epstein is dead, prosecutors are likely to drop the criminal charges against him as early as this week. That means civil cases will proceed. And the list of accusers is likely to grow now that he is dead, legal experts said.

Epstein was not married and does not appear to have any children. But he does have a brother, who would also have a claim to Epstein’s estate. Here’s what know about Epstein’s millions and who could get it. – READ MORE

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