Who Should Decide? 300 Million Customers – Or 3 Unelected Democrat Bureaucrats?


A free market economy – is all about the customers. Which in the United States – is roughly 300 million people. Millions of businesses spend every second of every day trying to give these 300 million people as much of what they want as possible – for as little as possible.

These businesses look for all sorts of new ways to get these 300 million to choose them – and not their competitors. They lower prices. They give away free stuff. And they offer their new and better services in new and innovative ways.

For We the Customers – it is Utopia.

Sadly, more and more we are less and less a free market economy. With ever more laws and regulations – we are nigh completely transformed into a command economy.

A command economy – is all about the Commanders. For the Commanders, We the Customers are an afterthought – if we’re thought of at all. – READ MORE

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