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White House to shut down alleged Russian spy base hours from DC, acquired by the Soviet Union in 1972


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White House announced a series of measures designed to respond to a hacking campaign to interfere with the presidential election, officials revealed that Russia maintains a suspected spy base in Maryland.

The State Department would shut down the facility along with another one in New York, the White House said Thursday.

The facility was acquired by the Soviet Union in 1972 and occupies 45-acres on the Eastern Shore waterfront in Centreville, a State Department spokesman said.

The steps are part of a sweeping package designed to punish the Russian government over what the U.S. intelligence community has concluded was a concerted effort to interfere in the presidential election. Russian operatives are suspected of hacking into the computers of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton‘s campaign officials and leaking private messages through sites including Wikileaks. – READ MORE

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