White House: Pelosi and Dems Have ‘No Proof and No Evidence’ of Any ‘Cover-Up’ by Trump


Hogan Gidley, the deputy White House press secretary, appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Mediabuzz” with host Howard Kurtz on Sunday and made very clear why President Donald Trump continues to use Twitter and other methods for getting his thoughts and messages directly to the American people.

Kurtz asked Gidley if he found it awkward for advisers to need to vouch for the president in regard to his behavior.

“Absolutely not,” said Gidley. “We have to vouch for him all the time. It’s amazing how the media covers what he does and what he says in a slant that makes everything negative, no matter how positive the subject matter may be.”

Gidley also explained that the president delivered his thoughts and “left the meeting. There was no time limit set beforehand … He walked in and gave a statement to Nancy Pelosi, who just minutes before had accused him of engaging in a cover-up, engaging in a crime with no proof and no evidence, and quite frankly, that’s like Russia collusion — witch hunt hoax 2.0. They did this for two years, where they accuse him of colluding with a foreign power with no proof and no evidence. And now they’re saying he’s in a cover-up and they’ve no evidence.”

“And not one media member,” added Gidley, “has asked Nancy Pelosi two questions: One, what proof do you have for any of this? Where’s the evidence? And second of all, if you have all this proof and all you have all of this evidence, why do you need all these investigations? Just show us the proof and evidence and we’ll get it done today.” – READ MORE

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