White House: Never-Trumper Mike Lee Will Not be Supreme Court Pick


GOP Utah Sen. Mike Lee is out of the running as a top candidates to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court of the United States, according to well placed White House personnel involved with the selection.

The White House did not ignore calls from some in the establishment Right media for President Donald Trump to pick GOP’s Lee to replace Kennedy on the Supreme Court.

Sen Ted Cruz too was advising Trump to pick Lee.

But Trump is also not ignoring, according to insiders, the fact that Lee tried on multiple occasions to sabotage Trump’s presidential campaign.

“The President has a long memory,” one insider said. “And there are many qualified candidates on his list who didn’t try to take his knees out weeks before the election. But Sen. Lee remains on the list.”

Trump also isn’t ignoring the fact that media pundits like Mark Levin, who is urging Trump to pick Lee for the top court slot, also fought Trump’s presidential campaign. Until he was forced to back the candidate very, very, very late in the race.

Both Lee and Levin were — and might still be — part of the never-Trump crowd. Both supported Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign. Even after Trump became the GOP frontrunner at the GOP Convention in 2016, both opposed his candidacy.

But it was Lee who literally tried to railroad Trump’s candidacy on the floor of the GOP Convention in Cleveland, staging an 11-state coup to have Trump’s delegates swapped to Cruz. He failed. Miserably. See the video below.

A White House insider forwarded a video link to True Pundit where Lee goes off on an Anti-Trump rant prior to the election from his own home late a night, lecturing Trump like the scorned father of a disobedient teenager. Lee has since deleted the video.

Then months after Lee’s convention-floor stunt, and just days before the election, Lee called on Trump to resign from the race on MSM-controlled network television which would have effectively handed the presidency to Hillary Clinton. See the video below.

Lee, a Mormon, is close friends with Mitt Romney, the current GOP candidate for U.S. Senate in Utah who would presumably work alongside Lee if elected. In fact when Steve Bannon attacked Romney’s criticism of Trump and Romney’s Mormon faith, Lee quickly defended the Massachusetts native, attacking Bannon.

Romney is a keystone member of the Mormon Mafia, a tight-knit group of officials whose names always seem to surface entangled in plots and schemes to unseat Trump. McCain, not a Mormon, is certainly an active member of the group, which includes Harry Reid and others. Is Lee a member of this so-called mafia too?

He sure acted like it during and after the GOP convention. And his antics might have cost Lee — who is still considered a brilliant Constitutionalist — a seat on the Supreme Court. Especially if Trump’s goal is to separate political activism from the high court. It would take an agile jurist to defend Lee against a charge of political activism targeting Trump during the 2016 election.

Romney and McCain, for instance, were just linked to a plot with Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie to sandbag Trump with the promotion and payment of the bogus Trump dossier and Romney’s public attack on Trump which the FBI said were organized, tactical efforts of political skullduggery.

FBI agents wanted to pursue Romney and McCain but then-FBI director James Comey spiked the probe.

Romney has vowed to pick up and carry McCain’s Senate torch with pride. That would include a permanent place on the never-Trump mantle. Another GOP senator aligned with liberal factions and causes.

Trump wouldn’t need a similar-minded Romney cartel member pressing a similar agenda from the high court.

He has already run that bloody gauntlet once and won.

Why run it again?

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