White House Correspondents Say Trump Makes Them Work Harder


It’s not as fun or easy to take pot shots at a conservative president when that president fights back, according to Variety.

In Ted Johnson’s piece, headlined, “Inside the Intense, Combative World of Covering the Trump White House,” White House reporters admitted they work harder to ensure their stories are accurate, that the Trump administration is more transparent than its predecessors and actually, in the words of one, “has sparked more interest in news.”

This even as they lament being called out for publishing fake news about the president and the habit of Trump administration officials of seeking out reporters personally to inform them of errors.

April Ryan, a reporter for National Urban Radio who has gained a reputation for her combative questions — such as the time she asked press secretary Sarah Sanders whether Trump plans to resign. Previous administrations pushed back on stories, but never like this, she said. – READ MORE

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