Where Is the Media? Stormy Stories Overshadow $84 Million Clinton Scandal


For every legitimate news story, there are dozens of others criticizing President Donald Trump’s personal cell phone use, first lady Melania Trump’s designer hat and the Trump administration’s alleged “scandals and embarrassments.” Even the president’s second scoop of ice cream made headline news.

But even more dangerous than an openly partisan press spinning biased coverage is the journalistic sin of omission — when the press willfully ignores a relevant story on the basis of political ideology. According to Ken Stern, former CEO of the left-leaning National Public Radio, the liberal media routinely suppresses stories that “don’t reflect their interests or beliefs.”

The mainstream media’s most recent stunning example of suppression is its handling of Hillary Clinton’s $84 million campaign finance scandal. If you’ve never heard of it, that’s precisely the problem.

The liberal media is so preoccupied with Stormy Daniels — and an alleged $130,000 Federal Election Commission reporting issue — that they’re willfully ignoring an ongoing federal investigation into Clinton’s fundraising practices.

That scandal, which has appeared for months almost entirely in conservative media, involves $84 million in allegedly excessive six-figure contributions laundered through the Hillary Victory Fund, dozens of Democratic state parties, Democratic National Committee and ultimately to Clinton’s campaign. – READ MORE

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