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When Twitter trolling lands you in jail: Dallas case tests limits of free speech


Babak Taherzadeh is a troll.

One of his Twitter personas boasts the bio: “im smarter than u unless you are really smart.”

He claims he has a “different sense of humor.” He peppers his tweets with profanity. He plays an online character, one he says doesn’t reflect who he really is.

That character has gotten him into trouble.

Taherzadeh sits in the Dallas County jail, where he has been since June, held on a felony stalking charge. He is accused of using social media to harass a judge who oversaw a criminal case against him.

Before his arrest, he regularly commented online on political issues and public figures.

Taherzadeh believes he was exercising his rights to free speech and to petition the government when he posted negative comments on social media about a state district judge.  – READ MORE

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