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WH Adviser Calls Out Media Bias As ‘Asinine’ And ‘Self-loathing’


The Deputy Assistant to President Donald Trump appeared on Fox Business with Stuart Varney Monday to discuss the president’s relationship with the media and its reaction to Trump’s Poland speech.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka defended the president against barbs from the mainstream media, who took issue with parts of Trump’s speech, including his mention of CNN. Gorka said that it was the president’s prerogative to speak highly of America while abroad.

In a Thursday speech, Trump praised Western values and was greeted with exuberance and cheers from the Polish crowd. They chanted his name repeatedly as he highlighted the special relationship between the two countries.

“At some point, there’s got to be a reality check,” Gorka said. “The fact is we have a man who is proud, the president is proud of what America stands for and then he’s accused of being a racist.”

Varney agreed with Gorka that the response was shocking and unprecedented, leading Gorka to point out that outlets like CNN and The New York Times are “tanking.”

“Finally we have some leadership understanding that at some point, charity bumps up against reality,” Gorka said. “It’s asinine, Stuart. It’s self loathing is what it is.”

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