Welcome to the Worst FBI Field Office in America; DEA Calls it a “Real Sh*t Show”


It is being called the worst-run FBI field office in the country.

And it is not located in a major city.

In fact, it’s located in quite a quaint place.

But it’s boss, a disciple of Robert Mueller and James Comey, has “trashed this office,” according to one FBI insider.

“It’s been run into the ground,” one FBI agent said.

“It’s a shit show up there, we cringe every time we have to deal with them,” said one DEA agent.

In-fighting, pay-for-play, favoritism, hundreds of thousands spent in legal fees to fight lawsuits and internal complaints, alleged illegal surveillance on their own agents. And retaliation.

Just to name a few things.

Welcome to the New Haven, Connecticut, FBI.

This story is developing.

More on Thursday.

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