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    Weinstein Used Gwyneth Paltrow Lie As An ‘Assault Weapon’ On His Other Victims


    Harvey Weinstein repeatedly lied about sleeping with Gwyneth Paltrow and used the lie as an “assault weapon” on many of his alleged victims, according to the actress.

    Weinstein made a pass at Paltrow over two decades ago, which she reported to her agent to no avail. Still she went on to become the “first lady of Miramax” and has been a leading actress in Hollywood ever since winning an Oscar for her performance in “Shakespeare in Love.”

    Paltrow moved past the incident with Weinstein, but the former studio head lied about sleeping with her for years afterwards to coerce other women into doing the same.

    “He’s not the first person to lie about sleeping with someone,” Paltrow told The New York Times. “But he used the lie as an assault weapon.”

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