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Wednesday, November 16th: The Most Bizarre Stories & Headlines of the Day From The Liberal Media


SLATE: There’s No Such Thing as a Good Trump Voter

People voted for a racist who promised racist outcomes. They don’t deserve your empathy.


SLATE: Republicans Stole the Supreme Court

Please don’t tacitly give up on it because it was stolen by unprecedented obstruction and contempt. Instead, do to them what they have done to us. Sometimes, when they go low, we need to go lower, to protect a thing of great value.


CNN: Muslim woman: I don’t feel safe in US wearing a headscarf

“It’s no longer safe to walk on the streets with a headscarf,” she told CNN’s Carol Costello on Wednesday.
Basatneh, a Miami-based writer who covers justice for the news and culture site Fusion, said much of this fear stems from Donald Trump. The President-elect said during his campaign that he wants to ban Muslims from traveling to the United States and suggested that profiling would be an effective way to prevent terrorism.

The Huffington Post: Hundreds Of Children’s Book Authors Pledge To Combat Racism

The statement decries the recent election as “a clear indication of the bigotry that is entrenched in this nation.”


New Republic: The Trump Meltdown Begins

Trump’s transition efforts are being hobbled by infighting, retribution, and a wariness among people with experience in public service to help the incoming administration succeed. It is becoming apparent that the only hope for preserving a bare semblance of order, competence, and ethics in the new government will be if a small number of Republican senators essentially dictate acceptable figures to fill senior ranks of Trump’s administration.


The Huffington Post: How Will You Protect America’s Values After The 2016 Election?

Let’s look at the bad behavior we witnessed during the last 12 months. While both candidates were accomplished – Trump in business, Clinton in public service, each exhibited unacceptable behavior that was not in line with America’s core values. After making comments insulting Muslims, Latinos and women, Trump was charged with racism and sexism. His language and tweets exhibited bullying tactics. A videotape also revealed Trump’s predatory sexual behavior. Clinton was dogged by voter mistrust stoked by her handling of State Department information on a private email server and there were charges of possible influence on behalf of the Clinton Foundation though never proven. If you think the behavior exhibited during the campaign was acceptable, then stop reading now. However, if you are concerned about our country retaining America’s core values – those beliefs which help people to know what is right from wrong, please read on.


Wonkette: Breitbart Watch: If You Exclude Every Vote For Clinton, Trump Won With 100% Of The Popular Vote!

Welcome to Wonkette’s new feature, “Breitbart Watch,” where we keep an eye on the goings-on at Dead Breitbart’s Home for Free-Floating White Rage, aka America’s New Pravda. With the ascension of former Breitbart head Steve Bannon to the official position of Trump Whisperer, is now about as close to an official press organ the Trump Administration has, with a perfectly normal-sized handprint on media coverage, so we figure we should make sure we know what’s up in Breitbartland. Today: Fun With Lying With Maps!


Wonkette: Badass Barbara Boxer Sh*ts On Electoral College, Just Because It Keeps Picking The Loser

For your paired “Damn Well About Time” and “Never Gonna Happen” file folders, you’ll be glad to know retiring (but very outgoing) Sen. Barbara Boxer will introduce a bill to abolish the Electoral College, that leftover artifact of colonial America that has led to the second-place finisher in the total vote count becoming president five times now, most recently this year and in 2000. Boxer’s press release on the proposal notes the New York Times estimates that once all the ballots in this year’s election are counted, Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead over Donald Trump could be as high as 2 million votes.


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