‘We were all just pissed and angry’: Leftist students stage sit-in, demand police sensitivity training after MAGA hat arrests


In the wake of Texas State University police arresting four students last week — sparked by one of them allegedly stealing a “Make America Great Again” hat off another student’s head followed by confrontations with cops that went too far — left-wing students staged a sit-in Thursday and issued a list of demands, including sensitivity training for police, the University Star said.

“Part of it is just us feeling like the need to react immediately,” student activist TeraLynn Steele told the paper regarding the sit-in. “I think we were all just pissed and angry and in more of an exhaustion sort of manner. … This was fear, this was pain, this was hurt. … we were all really angry, but it was more from a place of annoyance more than anything else.”

Between 50 and 60 students occupied a student center room beginning about 6 p.m. and stayed overnight, the University Star said. Among their demands were mandatory sensitivity training for university police officers, the paper said in a separate story, adding that officers should be trained in de-escalation tactics and how to recognize and overcome biases against minority students. They also want an academic cultural diversity requirement for students, the paper added.

A Texas State University student shot video last week of what he told Campus Reform occurred after another student stole his MAGA hat amid a heated political discussion on campus. – READ MORE

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