We Should Say ‘Womxn’ Not ‘Women’ To Be Inclusive. Wait, No, That’s Racist.


Last week, two London student groups — one at King’s College and the other at Goldsmiths, University of London — vowed to start using “womxn” in replace of “women” in communications. The move is meant to promote inclusivity, even if using the “word” in official posts looks ridiculous.

A spokeswoman (spokeswomxn?) for the university told the Standard the new spelling “is used to demonstrate our commitment to inclusiveness. No student has complained about its use.”

A month before the two London schools made the change, the Mirror reported that “womxn” is actually a racist term.

“The word has been called ‘racist’ because it has been defined as ‘including trans women and women of colour’ on various websites, including the Urban Dictionary,” the Mirror reported. “Objectors argue trans women and women of colour do not need a new word as ‘women’ does not only refer to white, cis women.”- READ MORE

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