‘We Should Come Home’: Rand Paul Suggests Unique Way to Fund Border Wall Without Increasing Spending (VIDEO)


Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) believes that it is possible to fund the border wall without raising the budget.

During an interview on “State of The Union,” Paul explained his reasoning for his decision not to vote yes to a border wall unless there was a good way to fund it. However, the senator pointed out alternative ways to fund the wall.

“We promised to spend less money and so I won’t vote for it,” said Paul. “Well, I would if we were to offset it with cuts somewhere and so what I’ve advised is we spend about 50 billion dollars a year in Afghanistan. I think we should’ve declared victory years ago. I think we should come home and out of that 50 billion dollars in savings, I think we would have enough for a border wall and security.” – READ MORE

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