‘We Lost a Leader’ — Police Sergeant and Army Vet Is Gunned Down in Savannah, Georgia


A police sergeant — who first spent over two decades in the U.S. Army before turning to a police career — is being mourned on Monday after he was shot and killed in Georgia over the weekend after he responded to a robbery call.

Sgt. Kelvin Ansari, who was only 50, was shot to death on Saturday in Savannah.

The gunman himself later died when he was shot after he allegedly pointed a gun at responding officers, as Fox News and other outlets reported.

Officers lined the streets on Monday as Ansari’s body was transported from a local hospital to the crime lab of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), which will look into Ansari’s death.

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“We lost a man who spent a substantial portion of his life protecting the country and protecting the community,” Savannah Police Chief Roy Minter said in a statement. “We lost a husband, we lost a father, and we lost a leader.”

Ansari spent 21 years in the Army before joining the Savannah Police Department. – READ MORE

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