‘We Have the Right to Bear Arms’: Kanye Talks Guns, Chicago Violence With Trump (VIDEO)


President Donald Trump and rapper Kanye West spoke to reporters in the Oval Office Thursday afternoon before their lunch meeting.

West, who has sparked outrage from some on the left with his outspoken support for the president, riffed on a series of topics, including racism, tax breaks, education, prison reform and gun control.READ MORE

On Thursday, Kanye West visited the White House to discuss criminal justice reform with President Trump. At the White House, Kanye was ushered into the Oval Office, where he proceeded to grab the mic as though he were accosting Taylor Swift at the Video Music Awards. Then he went off.

Wearing his Make America Great Again Hat, Kanye stated, “There was something about when I put this hat on it made me feel like Superman … You made a Superman — that’s my favorite superhero — you made a Superman cape for me.”

He said of Trump, “I love this guy here.” – READ MORE

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