WATCH: Woman Yells Out ‘You Can Hug And Kiss Me Anytime, Joe’; Room Erupts; Biden Prompts More Laughs


At a campaign event in Henderson, Nevada Tuesday, one of Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden’s supporters made clear that she would not have a problem with him invading her personal space as several woman have accused him of doing.

In a moment caught on camera and pushed out on Twitter by NBC News’ reporter Mike Memoli, one of the rally attendees, who identified herself to NBC Newsafterwards as Libby Peterson, yelled out an emphatically non-#MeToo statement to Biden.

“You can hug and kiss me anytime, Joe!” Peterson shouted.

The audience erupted, while Biden nervously made the sign of the cross in mock repentance, prompting even more laughs.

“That’s very nice, thank you,” Biden said eventually. – READ MORE

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