WATCH: Weather Channel Meteorologist Rescues American Flag from Harvey


As Hurricane Harvey battered the coast of Texas over the weekend, it was estimated that the storm could cost as much, if not more, than $40 billion worth of damages, with at least one death being attributed to the storm. But there was a touching moment after Harvey’s landfall on Saturday as Paul Goodloe, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel, discovered a downed American flag outside a school in Rockport, Texas. “I can’t let Old Glory just sit here like that,” Goodloe tells his camera man.

In a video tweeted out by The Weather Channel, Goodloe can be seen making his way through the debris covered streets when he spotted the flag next to a snapped palm tree. “I don’t know how strong the winds have to be to cut a palm tree in half, but that’s what happened to the top of this tree,” he said. “But next to it, you have Old Glory. I can’t let Old Glory just sit here like that.”




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