WATCH: Warren Repeatedly Dodges Whether She’ll Raise Middle Class Taxes for Medicare for All


Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) has repeatedly dodged direct questions about whether she would raise middle class taxes to pay for her Medicare for All proposal.

Warren endorsed the single-payer system long championed by Senator Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), one of her chief rivals for the 2020 Democratic nomination. Unlike Sanders, who has acknowledged that taxes will go up to cover socialized medicine’s $40 trillion price tag, Warren has steadfastly avoided saying a middle class tax hike would be necessary to pay for her plan. In debates, town halls, and even late night television interviews, the Massachusetts senator has instead insisted that “costs” will go down for everyone except large corporations and the wealthiest Americans.

Liberal comedian Stephen Colbert pressed Warren on the issue during an otherwise friendly interview on Sept. 17, noting the matter had come up in multiple debates. – READ MORE

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