WATCH: Virginia Governor Doubles Down On Infanticide, Suggests He’s The Victim


Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam doubled down on his support for infanticide on Thursday during a news conference where he addressed his comments from yesterday that sparked national outrage.

“Do you regret what you said yesterday or the way you said it?” a reporter asked.

“No, I don’t,” Northam responded. “And you know, um, Allen I appreciate the question, I’m a physician, uh, I’m also the governor. Um, but when I’m asked questions a lot of times it is put into context of being a physician. Uh, again, realizing, you know, how we, uh, approach, how we manage patients, we offer advice and counseling. So no, I don’t have any regrets.”

“But I, I do find uh, you know that how, uh, my comments, uh, I, I did answer that question,” Northam continued. “I, I regret that those comments mischaracterized. Uh, the personal uh, insults toward me I really find disgusting. So I, I again as I said in my comments earlier, you know we can agree to disagree, Allen. But let’s be civil about it.” – READ MORE

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