WATCH: Tucker Carlson Asks ‘Are You Ready To Have Your Kids Die’ in Montenegro?


On Wednesday evening, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson made the case that President Trump’s aversion to NATO was well-founded, arguing that American troops should never be put in harm’s way to prevent the invasion of a small country like Montenegro.

Carlson explained: It’s a relatively poor place. It has no critical natural resources and limited strategic significance. From an American perspective, Montenegro is not an important country. Yet suddenly, because of an act of our Congress, Montenegro has great significance to every American. Since last year, the country has been a member of the NATO alliance. That means that if Montenegro ever finds itself in a war, our military is pledged to defend it. That is called the defense guarantee. Defense guarantees don’t sound like a big deal until suddenly they are. That’s how the First World War started. 37 million casualties later, the world began to rethink the wisdom of treaties like that. … The U.S. has to defend Montenegro? What? Why is that? Is there a good reason? Let’s hear it. … Do we really plan to defend Montenegro or many of the other NATO members? How about Estonia? How about Slovakia? Are you ready to have your kids die in those countries?READ MORE


Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Wednesday that President Trump played into the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin by “attacking Montenegro & questioning our obligations under NATO.”

McCain in a pair of tweets said that “the people of #Montenegro boldly withstood pressure from #Putin’s Russia to embrace democracy.”

Trump during an interview that aired late Tuesday was asked by Fox News’s Tucker Carlson why his son should “go to Montenegro to defend it from attack?” – READ MORE

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