WATCH: Trump Reveals the ‘Big-Problem’ Obama Told Him After the Election


Every generation and presidential administration faces a defining challenge. For Franklin Roosevelt, it was World War II. Reagan’s era was defined by Russia and the Cold War, while George W. Bush will forever be associated with 9/11 and the war on terror.

It’s not clear exactly how history will remember the Obama presidency, but his inability to solve one of the defining challenges of his time — North Korean nuclearization — may haunt his legacy for years to come.

Somewhat ironically, it appears that even the 44th president acknowledged that the Korean situation was one of the biggest problems facing America… yet was one that he passed on for the next administration to deal with, leaving Obama’s legacy in jeopardy.

“President Obama told me when I had the one meeting with him, he said that’s your biggest problem,” Donald Trump told the press on Friday, confirming that his predecessor named North Korea as one of the most pressing issues. “That’s going to be the most difficult thing you have.” – READ MORE

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