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WATCH: Trump Promises That ‘Our Civilization Will Triumph’ In Fight For Survival


President Donald Trump spoke of a civilizational battle in a speech in Warsaw Thursday and said that the “West will never, ever be broken.”

“I am here today not just to visit an old ally, but to hold it up as an example for others who seek freedom and who wish to summon the courage and the will to defend our civilization,” Trump said.

He spoke throughout this speech of old conflicts that the Polish people fought in and said that while Europe no longer faces “the specter of communism,” there are “dire threats to our security and our way of life.”

President Trump said that Europe and the U.S. “have suffered one terror attack after another, and we are going to get it to stop.”

“We must stand united against these shared enemies to strip them of their territory, their funding, their networks, and any form of ideological support,” Trump said. “While we will always welcome new citizens who share our values and love our people, our borders will always be closed to terrorism and extremism.”

Both Trump and Poland’s ruling party, Law and Justice, share similar views on immigration. Poland has largely rejected refugee resettlement.

“There is nothing like our community of nations,” Trump said at one point in the speech before giving a description of the “priceless ties that bind” the U.S. and Poland “as a civilization.”

“We write symphonies. We pursue innovation. We celebrate our ancient heroes, embrace our timeless traditions and customs and always seek to explore and discover brand new frontiers,” Trump said. “We reward brilliance. Strive for excellence and cherish inspiring works of art that honor God. We treasure the rule of law and protect the right to free speech and free expression.”

He went on to say, “If we fail to preserve it, it will never, ever exist again. So we cannot fail.”

“We will never back down,” Trump said. “As long as we know our history we will know how to build our future.”

The president continued: “The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive. Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? Do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders? Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it.”

Trump would go on to answer this question himself. “The West will never, ever be broken. Our values will prevail. Our people will thrive. And our civilization will  triumph.”


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