WATCH: Trump Makes Surprise Call to Limbaugh on Talk Show Host’s 30th On-Air Anniversary


President Donald Trump surprised Rush Limbaugh by calling in to congratulate the prolific talk show host on his 30th anniversary on the airwaves.

“You’re a very special man, Rush, and you have people that love you. I’m one of them,” Trump said to Limbaugh who appeared completely caught off guard by the call-in. “What you do for this country, people have no idea how important your voice is.”

“Well, I — I thank you so much,” replied Limbaugh, who launched his nationally syndicated talk show on August 1, 1988. “It’s such a thrill to hear from you.”

Trump later highlighted how difficult it was to remain at the top of the conservative talk mountain for so long.

“You know, people don’t realize what a great achievement 30 years is in that cutthroat business that you happen to be in,” the president said. “You know, you might not find that ’cause you’re so good at what you do.”

“But that is a cutthroat business, and for you to do this for 30 years is truly an amazing accomplishment, and there’s no voice like it. Even your friend Hannity agrees with that. He said, ‘There’s nobody like this man.’” – READ MORE


Free and fair elections have always been a hallmark of American democracy. But will they always be? Rush Limbaugh thinks there’s a very good chance they won’t.

Rush was answering a caller to the show last week who said that the media didn’t understand why Republican voters would stick by President Donald Trump, particularly given his nomination of federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

“I think you’re right — and the media, of course, is missing it,” Limbaugh said. “The media thinks the exact opposite is happening. They think … Like CNN today spent the whole morning bashing Trump as somebody out of place, and doesn’t know what he’s doing, embarrassing the United States on the world stage at NATO, and they think Trump voters are gonna see it the same way and start regretting the way they voted for Trump.

“If you’re a political consultant, political professional at all, and you’re on the losing side of an election that you thought you were gonna win in a landslide, it would seem to me that the first thing that you would want to do is find out who it is that beat you,” Limbaugh said. “’Who are these people that voted for Trump, and how did we miss ’em? How did this happen? Why did our polling not show that Trump was this popular?’

“They haven’t done that at all. They’ve made no effort to understand the Trump voter in whatever state.

“I’ll tell you, folks, I’ve made this prediction once. I’m gonna make it again here. It’s a long, long-term prediction. This is nothing rooted in any particular conspiracy theory I’ve heard, because I don’t ascribe to those. But it is becoming clear … It’s becoming clear to the left that the only thing standing in their way now is elections.”READ MORE

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