WATCH: Things Get Heated On ‘The View’ Over Texas Law Allowing Students To Carry Guns


Things got pretty heated on “The View” Wednesday during a panel discussion about Texas extending a law that allows licensed gun owners to carry on community colleges.

“I’m not a gun owner….and when you study these shootings what you find out is that a lot of these lunatics..these maniacs, target gun free zones,” Jedediah Bila said, as she referenced the mass shooting at the Aurora movie theater.


“You see it all the time,” she added. “There’s stats upon stats. I want those students who have a license to carry, who have gone through the process, who have been approved, to not be sitting ducks in those classrooms.”

“You do know that to get a gun license, you don’t have to actually learn how to shoot the gun,” Whoopi Goldberg interjected. “I’m telling you, people can go and buy guns and never ever have to go to a gun range.”

“Statistically, you are more likely to kill another civilian or yourself with a gun,” Joy Behar exclaimed. “This is part of the insanity that’s going on in this country right now.”

“The last thing you need in a dark theater with adrenaline pumping is a bunch of people popping up armed, because when someone comes to save the day, who are they going to shoot at,” Sarah Haines explained. “Anyone with a gun.”

“What about the professors who give you an F, I’d be scared to teach in that class,” Behar jumped in.

“Why should a citizen who has gone through background checks, who has gone through the proper protocal…why should they be sitting there in that classroom…..the gun is not the problem,” Bila snapped back.

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