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Watch These Morons Explain Why They Are Protesting Donald Trump


Seems like a very basic question: Why are you out here in the streets marching around in protest of President Elect Donald Trump.

Yet, these morons couldn’t even give a plausible answer.

How can you expect to reason with a group of social jester warriors who don’t know why they are protesting? Our guess is that they are getting paid at the end of the day and have no idea why they are there AND how little we really care what they have to say.

Normal Americans who contribute to a functioning society protested at the voting polls, where it mattered. And protesting is more than American; it’s how the country started in the 1700s. But those folks knew exactly  why they were mad. Sadly, only the media care what these underachieving outliers have to whine about. We normally wouldn’t give these fools any ink, but this video was too good to pass up on.


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