WATCH: There Aren’t Words for How Brutally Mike Pompeo Schooled Uppity Sen. on Russia


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was on Capitol Hill Wednesday for testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and to say it got heated is quite the understatement.

Udall, like most Democrats, was looking to tie President Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin in any way possible. This included via his taxes.

“After Helsinki, do you think the American people deserve to know what’s in President Trump’s tax returns and business interests that are intertwined with Russia?” Udall asked.

This is an interesting question, given the tacit assumption that there are business interests “intertwined” with Russia and that Helsinki has anything at all to do with them.

Pompeo decided to take Udall apart in brutal fashion.

“Senator, I’m going to try to stay out of the same political circus that you and I ended up in last time I was sitting here,” Pompeo began.

Instead, Pompeo said he would “simply respond by saying this same president which you seem to express such deep concern (about) is engaged in a massive defense buildup which threatens Vladimir Putin’s regime. – READ MORE


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been very busy these days.

Just this week Pompeo defended President Trump and Russian relations to Congress, he’s defended religious freedom and last weekend he spoke with several hundred US-Iranian activists in California.

During his speech to the Iranian-Americans an unhinged leftist stood up and started screaming about immigration. – READ MORE

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