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    WATCH: ‘The View’ Quickly Pivots From Matt Lauer To Blasting Trump


    The hosts of “The View” quickly pivoted to blasting President Donald Trump during a panel discussion about Matt Lauer being fired for alleged sexual misconduct.

    According to Page Six, Lauer was let go for allegedly sexually assaulting a fellow employee during the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.

    “I mean this was really hard for me to hear because I grew up on the ‘Today’ show and I worked with Matt for years and years, so I echo many of [Savannah Guthrie’s] sentiments that first and foremost, no one gets a pass,” Sarah Haines shared after playing a clip of the NBC anchor announcing her co-worker’s termination. “This behavior is never okay. I personally had such great experiences with Matt. He was someone that cheerleaded for me and supported me, and I know, as Savannah said, he was extremely beloved there, but I do commend the person with the bravery who comes out about any of this type of behavior.”

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