WATCH: In Six Seconds, Female USA Olympian Broke a 58-Year-Old Record Held by a Swedish Male Athlete


During a game against Russia at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Team USA Hockey’s Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson broke the record for the shortest time between scoring goals.

The record was previously held by Sweden’s Carl-Göran Öberg, who scored twice in eight seconds during the Squaw Valley Winter Olympics in 1960.

Lamoureux-Davidson did it in six seconds, which accounted for almost half the goals scored during the 5-0 shutout game against Russia. – READ MORE

Another Winter Olympics, another tussle over the masks of U.S. ice hockey goaltenders.

USA Today reported Tuesday that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) had ordered two goalies on the U.S. women’s ice hockey team to remove images of the Statue of Liberty from their masks to conform to IOC rules.

Goalie Nicole Hensley has an image of Lady Liberty on the left side of her mask, while goalie Alex Rigsby has the symbol on her chin. According to IOC rules, athletes cannot wear items that feature the “wording or lyrics from national anthems, motivational words, public/political messaging or slogans related to national identity.”

USA Hockey spokesman Dave Fischer told USA Today that the team was in “discussions” with the IOC to see if the goalies could keep the images on their masks. – READ MORE

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