WATCH: Republican’s ‘Raise Your Hand’ Question At Impeachment Hearing Goes Viral


Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz built on his reputation for being a thorn in the Democrats’ side during the House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings on Wednesday. Among several moments that ended up generating some buzz online is a question Gaetz asked the expert witnesses invited to testify Wednesday that drove home a larger point that Republicans have been making all along.

“So let’s see if we can get into the fact,” said Gaetz. “To all of the witnesses: If you have personal knowledge of a single material fact in the Schiff report, please raise your hand.”

After none of the witnesses — a collection of law professors, only one of which was called by Republicans — raised their hand, Gaetz said, “And let the record reflect: no personal knowledge of a single fact.”

The fiery congressman then got to his point: “And you know what, that continues on the tradition that we saw from Adam Schiff. Where Ambassador Taylor could not identify an impeachable offense. Mr. Kent never met with the president. Fiona Hill never heard the president reference anything regarding military aid , Mr. Hale was unaware of any nefarious activity with aid, Colonel Vindman even rejected the new Democrat talking point that ‘bribery’ was invoked here. Ambassador Volker denied that there was a ‘quid pro quo.’ Mr. Morrison said there was nothing wrong on the call.” – READ MORE

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