WATCH: Reporter Gets Assaulted, Verbally Berated By Antifa At #HimToo Rally


A #HimToo demonstration was crashed by a violent group of Antifa members on Saturday. The far-left activists verbally berated and physically accosted a journalist covering the event.

In one of the more intense moments at the rally, Ngo was then accosted and had his camera equipment sprayed with silly string.

“A large group of #antifa protesters encircled me,” captioned the reporter. “After I am pushed away, a masked woman sprays my camera equipment & myself w/wet silly string. They then play music & laugh. I want to file a harassment report with but the assailant’s identity is unknown.”

“I was assaulted by a mob of masked individuals in black. They also targeted my equipment. They called me a fascist & Islamophobe. They said my parents & grandparents would be ashamed of me,” said independent journalist Andy C. Ngo, who’s also an editor at Quillette Magazine.- READ MORE

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