WATCH: Rep. Trent Franks Just Reminded Everyone Of A Major James Clapper Gaffe


Arizona Rep. Trent Franks reminded the world of one of James Clapper’s most embarrassing gaffes during a Wednesday interview on CNN.

Regarding Clapper’s comments on President Donald Trump’s mental fitness for office, Franks said he thought it was a “disgusting thing to say.”

“If he had been there he would at least know that what he’s saying in his own mind wasn’t true,” Franks continued.

Host Clarissa Ward jumped in, asking Franks if Clapper would say something he didn’t think was true, prompting Franks to bring up a major gaffe from when Clapper served as director of national intelligence.

“I don’t think he believes that to be true, and Mr. Clapper once said that jihadist terrorism has nothing to do with religious ideology,” Franks reminded viewers. “If he is questioning Donald Trump’s fitness or ability for office he has certainly answered the question on his own behalf that he was never fit to be the national intelligence director.”

“[Clapper’s jihad comment] was a fundamental misunderstanding, and not just a casual thing, this is the core of the whole battle and yet he missed that, so Mr. Clapper’s perspective is not compelling to me,” Franks concluded.

Franks is referring to a comment made by then-DNI Clapper in 2011. Clapper said during a House Intelligence hearing that the Muslim Brotherhood is “largely secular.”

A spokesman for Clapper had to “clarify” his comments, explaining that Clapper meant that the Muslim Brotherhood “makes efforts to work through a political system that has been…largely secular in its orientation,” and is “well aware that the Muslim Brotherhood is not a secular organization.”


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