WATCH: Raging Matthews Proclaims He’s ‘Hungry for a Verdict’ in Mueller’s Russia Probe


An angry Chris Matthews ended Wednesday’s Hardball by going on a “Trump Watch” diatribe about how he really wanted a verdict in the Trump-Russia probe. Of course, the only outcome he seemed to consider from a verdict was President Trump’s guilt. And bizarrely enough, Matthews admitted his “passion” for a verdict was driven by his recent viewing of a fictitious television series involving Russian spies working in America.

A new poll shows that the public’s appetite for the Mueller probe is dropping. A healthy majority wants it to continue but as I said, it’s dropping,” Matthews whined. “A lot of this is easily explainable like anyone following a crime story or a jury trial. They are hungry for a verdict. I certainly am. I want to know.

Matthews got indignant and almost appeared to demand to know what Mueller had on Trump. “And believe we all have a right to know at some point whether Robert Mueller with all the legal candlepower he’s recruited to this mission, with all his powers as a prosecutor has a case that candidate Donald Trump colluded with the Russians in getting himself elected President,” he exclaimed. – READ MORE

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