WATCH: Rachel Maddow ‘Collusion Delusion’ Video By Greg Gutfeld Goes Viral


Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld recently put together a little montage of MSNBC’s biggest star pushing the Trump-Russia collusion narrative that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report has now thoroughly debunked — and it’s gone viral for obvious reasons. Play Video

The video features host Rachel Maddow repeatedly promoting various Russia conspiracy theories, some of them off the wall even by MSNBC’s standards. Maddow also really gets into counting down the dropping of the next supposed “collusion” “bomb” that will finally take down Trump, or something.

Maddow’s ratings have soared over the last two years amid the left-wing media-inflamed “collusion” hysteria. Since William Barr issued his summary of Mueller’s findings last week, however, Maddow’s ratings have taken a hit, plummeting by over a fifth. – READ MORE

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