WATCH: Psaki Says Migrants At Southern Border Will Be “Turned Away”


At a White House Press Briefing on Wednesday, Secretary Jen Psaki responded to a question about migrants coming to the U.S. southern border.

A reporter asked what could be done in the short term so that “we don’t have a repeat of things in the past, which obviously President Biden is very familiar with.”

Psaki responded by acknowledging that while Biden is following the matter, the President will defer to his Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, on these issues, touting Mayorkas’ “great deal of experience.”

She described the coronavirus as one reason for the administration’s inability to process migrants seeking to come to the United States. In addition, she said that they “have not had the time, as an administration, to put in place humane, comprehensive process for processing individuals who are coming to the border.”

“Now is not the time to come and the vast majority of people will be turned away,” she said, adding that “asylum processes at the border will not occur immediately,” either.

She also remarked that while there have been rare instances of people coming into the country and awaiting a court date, this will not be true for the majority of people who arrive at the border. – READ MORE

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